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Over the course of our time together, we partner to understand the ways you can best show up for yourself, your people, and the world.

Rebecca is a coach, consultant, and fierce believer in the potential of all humans to thrive. She began her career in the classroom, where her work with diverse learners deepened her conviction that we all do best when we understand ourselves, our needs, and leverage our strengths. Across her work in academia, organizations within the nonprofit and for profit sectors, and in 1:1 coaching relationships, one thing rings consistently true regardless of environment: People who are set up to leverage their superpowers and live into their fullest selves are the pulse of change. Rebecca grounds her practice in the space where relationships and strategy meet, knowing that, at times, we must create a beautiful mess in order to envision our most emboldened and impactful future.  Rebecca is certified as a Designing Your Life coach and in Hogan Assessments for individuals and teams.

Our Approach

and always evolving

Make it personal
We use reflective resources and a variety of certified assessments and tools to dive in quickly. I use what I call an “embodied coaching practice” that leverages a variety of approaches, rather than one method of assessment and engagement. Our work together is unique to you, your team, your work.

Go together
Field time is central to my approach with leaders and their team. It creates a common language that we can build from, and grounds us in honesty that is best created through shared experience.Knowing the context of the work and the humans behind it matters. This is people work.

Discover coherence
There is a feeling you get when you are acting in line with who you are at your core. This happens for individuals and in teams, and it propels culture and strong outcomes. Getting there takes intention and commitment.We both care about and move beyond vision,  getting down to the brass tacks of what coherence means for your actions, rhythms, and rituals.

Chart your path
By working concretely on a plan, or path, towards what you seek to evolve we make the adaptation concrete. While we understand that there are many versions of success across our lifetime, we choose one and make meaningful progress towards it within our time together. We work towards outcomes, not hours, in partnership with one another.



Let’s get honest. We start by establishing a people-centered vision that is grounded in the current state and representative of the change you want to bring to the world.


Let’s work smart. Next, we uncover the biggest levers you will pull to reach your vision, ensuring we are spending time and energy wisely.


Let’s get organized. To put things into practice, we adapt tools and cadence to meet your needs, outlining a clear set of organizational tools and frameworks to set you up to run.

Asked Questions

How will our journey together pave the way for success?

Let's evolve your unique path through a blend of coaching and consulting, crafting a strategy and tools that resonate with your personal journey.

What makes this coaching experience so personalized?

We dive into reflective resources and various certified assessments, tailoring the approach to your individual or team needs—it's your journey, your way.

Can RCB accommodate teams or is it more suited to smaller groups?

Absolutely! While my sweet spot is smaller groups (teams under 25), the approach ensures everyone feels seen and heard, creating a unique and impactful coaching journey.

What does "charting our path" look like in practical terms?

Picture it as a collaborative adventure where we work concretely on a plan towards your goals. Our focus is on ensuring meaningful outcomes through taking vision-aligned action together.

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